Shuless Hilbilli biogaphe

i am shuless born one of sick chilren in ferment marian couny w virgina in a cabn of cyberdelite.! ferment is nown as the freindly city an usd to be in the hart of coal before that indan contry.! you are welcom to vist the cabn whare i born it stil for free clic k here latr to read what prevous vistors say abot my cabin.!

i practiclay born with bukskin an no mocassins.! then red who is my papy  give me conskin hat an a mini mukset to an then i reddy to go.! my mothr a ful-bodied cheroke indan  wv amercan native that is namd bearfoot an who decend strait down the river of life from chef monogehala. .  in fact his mongahla river start in ferment an just like the nile it flow north but it flow to picksburg an it shorter to more on pit later.! i mean not to brag but i kind of legendry mysef an hav a book to proof to you that i am if you stil wont beleive me.!   an if you stil wont beleve me then i hav anthoter bok to.!  an if tat not enogh i hav anoter goldn bok to.! an a unted state postge stamp to.!

i hav two odder borthers who are druncan an noddin  .drunc is smart somtimes as he done gone off  to w virgina univsity to maticlat e an lern an he spel rell good.! he hlep  me do my magzine  covres editig an such . he vey sharp an shuter prety god with a kodiak to.!

next noddin who when he awake he not badd with words ether an he go to wvirgina unversity to. but he dosnot finsh .! he up an quited booklernig he insted gone to work first at dogsnsuds in the sothpark mogantown for a whil it log gone now then fredys an genos  tnhn he gif some fridy afts at nick s acroplis place he the grek asyou now! he make tacos at poters celler in church basment down from the lare then lose job a halaluyah resternt an the bonton to an bbf that was bordenbugar to then bugarchef on high steet then cplege inn an cheet lake redbeirds an his las job in mogtown was at choosy mutherz at cornr of campus driev an unversity what was at the hart of sunysid.! we cald it choozy mamas.! but no one can chose thare own mothre so it make no sens either way.! he nodin that is woud let us al use choosys mens batroom at haftime games at old monter feild becase lines to long to the 5 toyliets in oldstadum .! somtime we get in quick gam e of pool at chosys to befor half2 woud start to be fast we give pont for hitig any bal shot at.with cue!

i hav litle sister fancey gap to who once wasborn in the carseat on our big trip to mirtylbeech. in '69.!  that far awy in socarlina.! she maried now vey yong an i dont now whare she is now but if she dos sees this then hi fancey.! how are you.? i am fine.! i have tow litle borthers one tuthless an that is his name to.! some cal him cornteeth not cornell an he not colgate fan either HA.!! he not vey tall an lik me not smart eough for to go wvirgina  universty schol an not spel vey good no but he big montaner fan to.!  in mogtown he work to at crokcets loge once an at circus an at castle then a blutick tavren tehn rufstone an littel vilage t hen maurios but he fird by old maurio for stelling driver lisenses to! i stil have some of tem mabe yors.! then to then he work at cotage. finely he work for frank at blue ribon restrant on pleseant st but that franky fird him for eatin a live bacun strip off a made justisberger.! now umployed he back at the cabn you migt see him thare if you vist.! you migt see juts abot any1 at teh cabn for taht mater but i digres taht not teh haf of it becase tuthles cam teh closets of my famley to be a real tim hollywodstar .! yes but andey griffin was jealos an niped it al in teh bud.! you can read more abot taht another tim an place but tuthles stil has som contacs form his holywood conectoins but tey are gettig fewr an farter in betwen

an fin;ly my baby litlest borther is name ignert an he somthig else i tel you now .! he with a girl in osaje an that al i can say now .!  i dont mess with ignert.! you dont ether if i were you but im not so dont anywy.!

i going for g. e d. now an alwys root for the monters to win an never mis a gam.! ok That enogh abot me for now i may tel some storys wen i get tim.! i migt ok let go montaners.!