teh cabin.!
this page is updatd almost daly. as newcomrs come!

lats new obsrevaton aded on sat3dec2oo5.!
wecome to the cabn .freinds!
ok.! let eavsdrop on som recnt cabn vistors an overher what tey are al sayig.!

"witout aney dout one of teh mots lif e altrig expirence to spend limted tim e at durig yours here on eart h.!" - shuless*
"I could not find any evilness in there and what it was really seemed like was just a bunch of freedom." - George W. Bush
"The decor was dreadful and the karaoke was horrendous...you'll find better cabins on a cruise liner." - Simon Cowell
"I hate to be just one more nattering nabob of negativism, but I  don't get it--where's the big payoff? - Spiro T. Agnew
"One's satisfaction is dependent upon the precise notion of cabin as conceived by the deponent."-BillyJeff Clinton
"The sound system ain't the best stereo-type but there's plenty of mono in the cement pond!" - Jethro Bodine
"Roses are OK, but now and then everyone should really stop and smell the cabin." - Cyrano deBergerac
"If I may wax on for just little bit... Mr.Shu need to sand the floor and paint the house." - Kesuke Miyagi
"Watch out for Puff...that rascal's scales are shedding like rain and they're really sharp!" - Jackie Paper
"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to blast off in that shack, but it helped!" - Werner von Braun
"I was torn between taking names and checking out all the duds and gizmos." - J. Edgar Hoover
"Note to Watson: Wherever the X#%! you are, I no longer need you!" - Alexander Graham Bell
"Consumed by its stark emptiness, I long for warm buttermilk in a shiny black dish."  - Dieter
"Although the penchant for gold is wearisome, I was treated relatively well" - Long John Silver
"Inherently oppressive and totally bereft of even the most basic amenities."  - Martha Stewart
"Ever thus it shall be to tyrants but Mountaineers are always free." - Anonymous Latin Lover
"It combines an ethereal sense of rusticity with palpable country charm." - Diane Chambers
"I'm glad someone remembered how the refs cheated us against Duke." - Darryl Prue#24
"Now it ain't as fancy as my Uncle Tom's -- but my oh my, dat li'l dwarf!!"  - Aunt Jemima
"It does get confusing in there, but there can never be too many babes." - Paul Bunyan
"Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared." - MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI
"It's the next best thing to Cheese-Doodle Paradise, except for beer!" - Norm Peterson
"It could use a little bit of animation and more conventional family fun."  - Walt Disney
"Shuless acted as if he really belonged down there and did a nice job." -Paula Abdul
"Thing was enthralled with all of the lovely things they have there." - Morticia Adams
"We were there for three days before Moe even remembered to hit me." - Larry Fine
"Only there can I avoid shrinkage while also maintaining hand." - George Costanza
"A hellhole both haunting and hollow, half horrifying, half hypnotic."  - Rod Serling
"Pay no attention to that steaming heap behind the curtain!" - The Wizard of Oz
"I don't have horns, I'm much too small, and I'm no longer blue!" - Babe, the Pig
"Of marginal value, but among cyber-cabins, a best-buy."  - Consumer Reports
"Not only the lonely, but pretty women are also quite welcome!" - Roy Orbison
"I sure wish I had a nickel for every time I've visited the cabin."  - Donald Trump
"I hammered in the morning, and got hammered in the evening!" - Henry Aaron
"And here I'd always thought the answer was blowin' in the wind!" - Bob Dylan
"It's more fun than the center of the earth and a bit cooler, too!" - Jules Verne
"I won't waste my time with such dern foolishness." - Captain Woodrow Call
"And to think that I was once called "The Pagemaster."  - Christopher Lloyd
"Pip pip and all that rot but just where the hell was Biggles?" - Ian Anderson
"No way in Haedes did I think Shu could build this thing..." - Jay Paulovicks
"I  sat with SHULESS and had my picture taken!!!" - Governor Joe Manchin
"It was here that I first introduced Mary Lou to the Tin Man." - Ricky Nelson
"Dat leetle Beck-ee Thatcher haff great po-tenchul I tell you!" - Bela Karolyi
"You can keep that buck - there's no cover charge here!" - Harry S. Truman
"I ain't had so much fun since the pig et my little brother!" - COALDIGGER
"I made an offer to chip in with expenses, but was refused!" - Vito Corleone
"Tell the little dancin' feller that I'm from Mango County, too!" - Jesco White
"Lovey and I will bring a change of clothes next time!" - Thurston Howell III
"I'll let you help me paint the outhouse for that bullfrog!" - Thomas Sawyer
"Only within the confines of the cabin is it safe to look upon me." - Mango
"I asked myself, what can I do for my country friends?" - John F. Kennedy
"I shall not seek, nor will I accept, any substitutes." - Lyndon B. Johnson
"It is unkind to former spelling teachers!" - The Former JIM ROME CLONE
"I agree totally, JIM!" - The Past, Present and Future BOZO THE CLONE
"Either Davy or Dan'l is fine...it don't make no never mind." - Fess Parker
"I think that it is great fun to visit a cabin of make-believe!"  - Fred Rogers
"I can't put my finger on it, but something's just not right." - Nancy Drew
"More fun than a barrel of hot buttered groatclusters!" - Peorgie Tirebiter
"It's a mighty fine line, but one ultimately worth walking." - Johnny Cash
"...amazing! How does he find this stuff?" - ALABAMA MOUNTAINEER
"I could hardly breathe... I was gulping for air!" - Hillary Rodham Clinton
"Whadja use on this dump anyway, cyber-nails? Hah!" - Eddie Haskell
"Don't crush that dwarf -- hand me the pliers!"  - George Leroy Tirebiter
"Me and that magic dragon are opening a new sports bar!" - Sam Huff
"Just one visit took care of that crook in my neck!" - Richard M. Nixon
"Look out for the monkeys wearing the striped suits!" - Woody O'Hara
"Miss Cline told me that she was a patsy, too!" - Lee Harvey Oswald
"Boy what I could have done with a cabin like this..." - Frank Cignetti
"Oh yes - I'd love to meet both Puff and Mr. Huff!" - The Big Bad Wolf
"Get a load of me now, blokes - I'm bloody Henry VIII!" - Peter Noone
"I saw nothink, but I tink dat I felt somethink..."  - Sgt. Hans Schultz
"It's not only America's, but quite darling as well!" - Mary Lou Retton
"Popeye, you tell Vito he has no business in my affairs!" - Olive Oyl
"Who left their XX!#%X cigarette butts on the floor?" - George Nedeff
"Robin convinced me that it wasn't my fault after all." - Robert E. Lee
"Hey, Eight Ball!  Off the wall and into the corner!" - Minnesota Fats
"It's jes' like the shack I left back in Wes' Virginny!"  - Amos McCoy
"Nobody tried to be like me, and it was awesome!" - Michael Jordan
"The key to understanding lies in the apple-cyber." - Albert Einstein
"I had a day there that will live in famy!" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
"I laughed , I cried, it became a part of me." - WVU@WILKES.NET
"Bring the scooper, dude - dog just did his thing!" - Randy Jackson
"I wouldn't permit Beaver to come to such a place." - Ward Cleaver
"Holy jumpin' catfish that place is daggone amazing!" - Don Nehlen
"Thanks for nothing - it sure looked yellow to me." - Tony Orlando
"Something in the way it moved attracted me." - George Harrison
"It's the main reason I stopped following the herd." - Randy Moss
"If I return tomorrow, I will call myself Two Socks." - John Dunbar
"War can be hell, but Shu kept dealing me aces!" - Bill Sherman
"I'm the only 'Bucky' to visit so far!" - Raymond Chevalier Waters
"Pretentious, insipid, and quite utterly vapid." - Dr. Frasier Crane
"I couldn't believe that Shuless remembered me." - Buster Batts
"I like the booths in the back - there's no toll." - Sonny Corleone
"It's given me a lot of great ideas for the bunker." - Dick Cheney
"You just tell Tom that Major has ground control!" - David Bowie
"We humbugged until the break of dawn!" - Ebeneezer Scrooge
"Let's have a look at that knee, sport!" - A.C. "Whitey" Gwynne
"Any fan of that place must be out of his gourd." - AKRONEER
"That place drove me absolutely freakin' nuts."- Jack Nicholson
"At the same time, I'd rather be in the Coliseum." -Gale Catlett
"Finally, a place to meet other galloping ghosts!" - Red Grange
"Making a connection there is a slam dunk!" - George J. Tenet
"The shoe fit, and you'd better believe I wore it!" - Ben Franklin
"Insipid, pretentious and utterly quite vapid." - Rush Limbaugh
"They let me and Curly in at the same time!" - Shemp Howard
"I'm still trying to awaken the sleeping giant!" - Joedy Gardner
"I nyuked all the whales in that big aquarium!" - Curly Howard
"Not bad, but mine is made of real maple." - Mrs. Butterworth
"Insipidly pretentious with rampant vapidity." - Howard Cosell
"I hear they call the owner the 'Sultan of Squat'!" - Babe Ruth
"I'm quite confident that it is my final answer!" - Regis Philbin
"Finally, an answer in the form of a question!" - Alex Trebeck
"Much easier to remember than the Alamo!" - Davy Crockett
"Bill, It's really easier to spell than 'Ryczaj" - Leon Czolgosz
"I simply CANNOT WAIT to go back!!!"  - Richard Simmons
"It was fun, but I've got an early train to catch." - Virgil Tibbs
"Senseless, useless and just plain silly..."  - Mountain Man
"I set a new record in the pancake contest" - Brian Jozwiak
"Why ju ting I wu wanna look at dis chid?"  - Tony Montana
"Lets go, Montaners!" - PHAT GINO FROM SAN ANTONIO
"You must be looking for Two Socks." - Stands With A Fist
"Many thanks for remembering to invite me." - Gene Corum
"It's got the right stuff, and Beeman's too!" - Chuck Yeager
"I go there to escape every now and then." - Harry Houdini
"If only I'd put Jerry back in a little sooner!" - Fred Schaus
"It took a while, but they finally let me in." - Ron Williams
"Simon says take one giant leap forward!" - Art Garfunkel
"I never really liked it in there...until I liked it." - John Kerry
"Tastefully tacky, yet unrefined." Hooters patron YOOKS
"Once I got in, I threw my irons in the fire!" - Tiger Woods
"I plant myself there every spring" - Chauncey Gardener
"Only here may you all call me Langhorn." - Mark Twain
"Rather exhilarating, I must confess..." - Prince Charles
"I must be the only thing that's not allowed!" - Pokemon
"It kind of place where even Cheetah can win!" - Tarzan
"Whatever became of me anyway?" - Stormin' Norman
"A young girl could get lost in there!" - Becky Thatcher
"I liked it except for the goofy girls." - Theodore Cleaver
"Well... There you go again." - Ronald Wilson Reagan
"Whoa, Nellie...I'm over 70 years old!" - Keith Jackson
"Turn on the lights, the party's startin'!" - Don Meredith
"Try the redneck - it's almost heaven!" - Count Dracula
"Hey Bill and Leon -- get a load of me!" - Mr. Mxyzptlk
"Next time I'll bring possum jowls!" - Granny Clampett
"Wow!  Really...Harry Truman..." - JOHN IN CHICAGO
"What more could I possibly tell you?" - Dennis Miller
"It sho 'nuff got my juices to janglin'."  - Satchel Paige
"I left my ma there without reservation."  - Cliff Claven
"Don't miss the free chicken on the hill!" - Bob Prince
"Yes, the dwarf most definitely helps." - David Lynch
"Don't be a cube, rube - go ape!" - Maynard G. Krebs
"No chunks blown on my watch!" - Wayne Campbell
"You beat everything, you know that?" - Andy Taylor
"Close the window, Aunt Minney!" - Rosey Rosewell
"Oops! Jerry and I wore the same shirt!" - Rod Thorn
"My, how cabins have changed!" - Abraham Lincoln
"They let me keep my corncob!" - Huckleberry Finn
"I'm speechless." - Chuck "The Fair One" Hamilton
"It's been a long time, friends." - Art "Pappy" Lewis
"Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" - Bullwinkle
"Here, Shuless is the absolute truth." - Tony Caridi
"Gives new meaning to the word lame."- PC World
"They let me play with the honky tonkas!" - Nat X
"Could I bring my dog next time?"  - Timmy Martin
"Just one visit taught my children."- Graham Nash
"Why doesn't Vernon ban this clown?" - MOUNTY
"It's got detente written all over it." - Jimmy Carter
"If you see Timmy, that collie is mine."- Jeff Miller
"Cool - they gave me locker #1714!" - Davy Jones
"Gunner, is that Perdue chicken?" - George King
"I've been here since March!" - John Philip Sousa
"Doth not Brutus shuless kneel?" - Julius Caesar
"I'd never seen a building dunk a ball!" - SYGYZY
"I got a little misty-eyed." - Randy Flinchum #79
"I couldn't have stood no more!" - Yosemite Sam
"Yeah...it's a homey place."  - Homey the Clown
"I didn't even need to give my full name!" - Oprah
"We don't thumb cyber-cabins." - Siskel & Ebert
"Two thumbs WAAAAAY up!!!" - Ebert & Roeper
"'Crazy' doesn't quite do it justice." - Patsy Cline
"I got carried away - and I loved it!" - Kerri Strug
Call me when you get a real cabin." - Lee Corso
"Is Wally coming or not?" - Clarence Rutherford
"Toss me that ball for a second." - Rod Hundley
"I'd give it about two beeps." - The Road Runner
"That X#%! collie dog bit me! - The Hamburgler
"Please don't throw me in there!"  - Br'er Rabbit
"You just might find me there."  - Joe DiMaggio
"They made room for Daddy!" - Danny Williams
"I have no business going back." - Thom McAn
"I'll have to bring me drums." - Richard Starkey
"I lost my heart in there." - The Tin Woodsman
"You Yanks are bloody amazing." - Tony Blair
"They let me wear a uniform!" - Ernest T. Bass
"I shall definitely return." - Douglas MacArthur
"You didn't see me here, OK?" - Elvis Presley
"I couldn't even reach the doorknobs." - Calvin
"I felt that I'd been there before."- Chris Elliott
"A little dry for my tastes." - Charlie the Tuna
"Its GOLD Jerry!!!   GOLD!!!!!" - Kenny Bania
"It's my daily moment of Zen." - Jon Stewart
"Just wait until Frank sees this!" - Joe Hardy
"Touchdown, West Virginia!" - Jack Fleming
"Brave, courageous and bold!" - Wyatt Earp
"Shuby, I'm amazed."  - Sir Paul McCartney
"I'll give it one more chance." - Ed Pastilong
"Me an the boys approve." - Briscoe Darling
"Not any more, Raymond!" - Bucky Bolyard
"I almost forgot who I was!" - Jose Jimenez
"I loved the one I was with!" - Stephen Stills
"I'll have to think of something..." - GHARKI
"Tennis, anyone?" - Robert N. "Red" Brown
"The password is E-I-E-I-O!" - Allen Ludden
"It's just for posterity." - Abraham Zapruder
"That Red, he's real friendly too!" - Casper
"Can I get anybody a Coke?" - Jim Carlen
"Has anyone seen Mr. Bill?" - Mr. Sluggo
"Could I stay a while?"  - Walter Cronkite
"This cyber-house rules!" - Michael Caine
"All my changes are there." - Neil Young
"It thtil a mythtery!" - Wyeth Thithkeibleu
"It had a whole lotta love!" - Robert Plant
"Exxxxcellent!!"  - C. Montgomery Burns
"The tulips are extraordinary!" - Tiny Tim
"U da man, Shu!" - Van Richardson #37
"I'll be back." - Arnold Schwarzeneggar
"Ho-hi, Gold!" - THE CLONE RANGER
"Mmmuuuuuuuhhhh...!" - Frankenstein
"Totally awesome!!!!!!!" - ORACLE BILL
"Best dirt floors I've ever had." - Pigpen
"I couldn't get Cheetah to leave." - Boy
"I finally got to wear #13!" - Oliver Luck
"Me not Lone Injun any more!" - Tonto
"Now more than ever." - Sean Hannity
"I dare not, Jim!" - Dr. Leonard McCoy
"That will do, pig." - Unknown Farmer
"I got a raw deal." - Garland H. Moran
"I'm comin, Elizabeth!" - Fred Sanford
"Don't tell anyone." - Howard Hughes
"I got a good night kiss!" - Topo Gigio
"So that is surreal..."  - Salvador Dali
"Watch it, Tin Man!" - Ronnie Retton
"I almost wet my pants!" - SonoMurv
"That was awesome!" - EEROGANT
"Stop calling me Zeke!" - Jerry West
"It's a real slow drag." - Scott Joplin
"Take the happy trail!" - Roy Rogers
"I got a free haircut!" - David Crosby
"God bless America!" - Kate Smith
"It isn't that special." - Church Lady
"C'mon, it's funny!" - CHEMEER96
"I liked it a lot." -  Victoria Jackson
"Good evening!" - Alfred Hitchcock
"GREAT cup of joe!" - Dale Cooper
"Watch out, little buddy!" - Skipper
"Absolutely brillig!"  - Lewis Carroll
"Very interesting!" - Arte Johnson
 "Is that all there is?"  - Porky Pig
"It's an ejakashawn!" - Cajun Man
"I've got it bookmarked!" - Larry X
"Hooooodoggies!" - Jed Clampett
"It's really big, Shu!" - Ed Sullivan
"I know a short cut!" - Sacajawea
"Nifty little place." - Frank Gifford
"You saps!" - Major Frank Burns
"The CAT is my idol!" - KAHUNA
"I want to buy it!" - Bob Huggins
"You gonna win 39-37." - Homer
"Genius is pain." - John Lennon
"That's the kicker!" - I. ZOMBIE
"Huh?" - Ludwig van Beethoven
"I won't be back." - Joe Paterno
"He's warped." - Joyce Donofrio
"I wasn't worthy." - Dan Dakich
"Say hey for me!" - Wille Mays
"Stay in school!" - Major Harris
"Yeah I saw it." - David Puddy
"Say 'cheese'!" - Ansel Adams
"Weeeeeeeee!!!"  - Ned Beatty
"Let's play two!" - Ernie Banks
"Hail a cab in." - Mao Tehnhir
"I just work here." - Mr. Clean
"Bully!" - Theodore Roosevelt
"Ahh-ight den..." - DOOGI C.
"It's too much." - MR. CHEE
"G'day!"  - Crocodile Dundee
"Yes-s!" - MacCauley Culkin
"Giddyup!"  - Cosmo Kramer
"Groovy, man!" - Mr. Natural
"Needs frames." - Bob Vila
"Et one, Brutusk!"- Popeye
"Good day!" -  Paul Harvey
"I get it." - Artimus Gordon
"I am third."  - Gale Sayers
"No--I'm third."-Bucky Dent
"Have a nip!" - Barney Fife
"Baba-lu!" - Ricky Ricardo
"DOH!" - Homer Simpson
"Oh, Rob!"  - Laura Petrie
"Hello, Jerry!" - Neumann
"Hah hah" - Scutt Farkas
"Get out!" - Elaine Benes
"Shazam!" - Gomer Pyle
"Don't ask." - Clay Aiken
"Yucchh!" - Mel Cooley
"No!"  - Nancy Reagan
"Oh Andy!" - Aunt Bee
"doh!" - Bart Simpson
"Sucker."- Bill Gates
"Hey!" - Goober Pyle
"It tickle me." - Elmo
"Precious!" - Gollum
" " - Calvin Coolidge
"Yo!"-Rocky Balboa
"Yes!" - Marv Albert
"Party on!" - Garth
"Huh huh."-Beevis
"Oh no!" - Mr. Bill
"yes"- Yoko Ono
"I did it!" - Bluto
"Arf! "-  Sandy
"OK!"  -  GQ
"D -"  - E !


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