shuless  jounal of 2oo6 wv titel quest.! for wvfootbal                pag1 of1.!sofar

o1sept2oo6.!  abot 247pm.!
ok finely it is teh eve of destucton.! aka heres teh beef.! finely.! ok it beter for all childen to bc an not herd.!  yes monterfan.! it even beter for to be punke acc traderteam like bc tahn teh herde.! but juts barly.! ok neithr eyes have seen nor eers have herd.! all teh glorys of teh manchin.taht has been prepard for you.! by fiends of coal.! yes you bet joma wil be there to be seen and herd but somesay he is realy sort of monterfan at heart.! but shhh h.! do not tel.! teh herd becase it heart canot be seen or tolde even if teh eers hear and now.! sp bring you stetoscope yes joma migt coud flip a coin at centerfielde.!or get on teh pa micapone and tel all teh monterpeple juts why teh herd are finaly seen.! an how great tey look with tey sharpe new flyig wv brands tey will be sportig for teh next7yers.! wecome to mogantowne.!my bovine friends.! ok let tem who have eers to hear hear an those taht hav e eys to see see.! it is teh herd.! hear.! in morgantown withot randy moose or chad monnypenny! e.i. tey lost a blank ing ton.! but rember teh baksetball fiaskos.!an do not giv e a cow a runnig star t.! do not rolerskate though a bufaloherde.!dodge teh pattys monters.!dodge teh paddys.! pat trick this way an slaton teh udder way.! my how baby mozez has grown since he left teh bassnet.!in teh reeds.! on to teh promisd land.! ok wv wil survive to tell teh tail.! hello by going in one eer an out teh other.! simpel.! tehn down to teh tail.! okshuess burgers on the brick schmithaus.! for evybody. on shuess.! say goodby flossey and kick teh dust off teh hoofs. juts wach out for teh peskey flys near teh end thogh.! ok coch pruitte wil be ther e with all his coalfriends so do not let up monters.! all naysayers wil be waching hoping for wv to stumbel.! ok shuess muts go writ jomas spech for teh biggame seeyou thare.! tehn percance to dream.!

ok it gamday finely.! enogh muskrat lov e now time for muskset love now.! shuess powder dry up at abot 523am.! tnihkig of feilds of green hoping wvmonters can see teh herde an taht tey are not invisibel on teh turf.! mabe coch kirlav can give spray paint out juts 1 littel spray of gold will make teh greencow appear where he can be seen.! on teh greenturf an tehn properly dealt withe.! ok shuess muts go to telepone coch kirlav. abot 922am.! coch kirlav wil not anser mabe hes at lakevew but shuess foget taht number.ok juts hope for teh best it rainig from ernesto teh cane so mabe teh drops wil help make teh herde visibel some.! ok i have juts finishd jomas spech for readig tody at centerfeild.! on teh big pa micohpone i hop e he wil use it.! it start out friends of coal    romans   an countrymen.! lend me your eers.! for about 2oo minnuts.! i need them for teh manchkinbowel.! i mean fiends of coalbowel.! ha.!ha.! a littel icebraker from mark anthony over in littel italy i tnihk tahts down in clarkburg.! ok teh spech tehn reads. look waht i have brougt you freinds of coal romans an countymen whose eers have been lent.! teh herd.! finaly seen.! and herd! right hear.! all teh littel green manchkins hav e been broght rigt here to manchkinlande.! oops i mean monterfeild oop i mean mylan no milan puskar stadum.! e.i. big puskar.! tehn mabe teh mooshal team will cooperat an sing some littel manchkin dittys but shuess has not askd but if tey refuse shuess ready to fil teh gap for joma with a littel cowjoke to loosen up teh mooshal fans who ar e so uneasey an ill at ease.! okk joma says waht do you cal a cow with no legs.! teh crowde exept for teh herd wil tehn yel out mooshals footbal team.! but joma muts tehn pause for timig an tehn say no.! groundbeef.! ha.!ha. teh crowde wil roar an teh ice wil realy be broken so joma can pose for 4pitcures before he resums oratig.! tehn he can say this is a greatday for wes virgina.! eveybody.! evybodey wins today becase there are no losers hear.! this is juts great.! ok tehn after teh smatter of aplause he can tak e a poto with coch donny n an bobo pruitte and the oter fiends of coal.! 1an done neat as a whistel i hope joma wil use shuess speech today.!

11sept2oo6 abot 8o1am.!
shuess volunter.!
ok.! shuess wil voluteer to typ e in scorbord scors liv e.! for 1free pressbox seat an kfc boxlunche with drinke.! yes shuess wil resech scors live on intenet an also askig peple if tey have heard to.! shuess pormis e to be much fastr tahn teh subscibe sevice wv pays bigmonney to.! shuess wil check intenet an if centa michiga is losig to mich after noon shuess wil write taht score down click an post for fans to see.! an if tempel universe is losing by 2 tds more tahn tey were 1minut earler shuess wil find out an post it to for fan to see.! all for 1seat 1kfc boxlunche with drinke.! probem solvd.!

abot 722pm.!
  shuess goig to reptile teh cabin flor.!
yes grond shel hardr tahn fomica.! once turtelwaxd teh shine cant bebeat.! ok som e say bestway to eat turtel to bite off it head tehn suck oute it guts.! but to much air coms in from teh littel hans feet an turteltail.! holes so do not wast e 1good turtel taht way.! sneak up on teh turtel an scare it oute of it shell.! tehn youll have pure lizzardmeat no crunche.! tehn teh shel is readdy for reptilig you floor to.! clean as a whistel.! ok it tim e for teh annal marland limricke.!

teh bigman is lickig an slurpin.!
he cant talk now cause hes stil burpin.!
but where is teh potty.!
o.! mcbeam me up scottie.!
its no longr fun to be terpin.!

12sept2oo6.!  abot 923am.!  teh terps are comig.! to towne.! 1 lats turtelpome.! befor e shuess reptile for teh evenig.!
dont look ahead or look behinde.!
or tehn theyl say you bleww it.!
cochrod say we wil cross taht fridge
teh moment we com e to it.!

yes play juts1 gam e at a time.!
tel all you sons an daugtrs.!
put 1 team up knocke 1 team down
like fridge oer troubeld waters.!

teh turtels crawel from marys land
tey lookig for hill william.!
cause bill an mary make a match
taht even turtels kill thhem.!

teh middelmen from tenesse
did nott figt back much ether.!
teh turtels scord a few tds
an tehn all took a breather.!

terps now approchig mogantowne.!
fridge say we rankd 5a.!
but witout steve an big brick schmitt
he nows teh terps willpay.!

he coud hav e had tehm bothe you knowe.!
a backfeild mad e in heavn.!
but ralfridge wiped teh slaton clean
so now juts almost steaven.!

teh whiksey bottels fly so faste.!
plus harde to miss poorfridge.!
an he can smell teh couchs burn
beyond starcitey bridge.!

so fridge muts gathr up teh treps
an try to dry tey tears.!
he lead tehm all to centerfeild.!
to chant howbout tehm eers.!

but this tim e fridge he so sinceer
and is no mor e sarcastick.!
for fridge has learnd to fear teh eer.!
since owen smashd terps plastic.!

so beer dont fear teh turtelmen
it now teh eer tehy fear.!
becase teh eer tehy fear too near
teh games wil ende next year.!

fridge say teh treps no more 5a.!
an monters no more5.!
he says he vote wv no1
if terps can leav e alive.!

haahha.! juts a littel pome ok let go.!

  13sept2oo6.!  abot 755pm.! remeber.! if wv no5 tehn treps are no5a.!

yes monterfan tahts waht trep coch ralph fridge kramdem say lats time he come to monterfeild aka big pusker.! yes coch ralfridge say if you 5 we 5a.! but remeber who beat teh terpps it was no5 himsef chris hard tims henrey.! so 5 beats 5a.! shuess dos not now who no5a is for treps but espy him tomorow nigt an wach close.! but no5 for teh monters is white ligtnig himsefl.! coch ralfridge says he wil have to dodge whiksey bottels but he wilnot catch ligtnig in! he and treps wil be up nickel creeck witout a paddel.! becase of are nickel backs pat tricks who is no5 on no5 playing onley 5a who wv dos not now so wel.! wvs teh nickel packag e.wil prevail an treps can juts stay 5a for anoter year.! ok fridge.! no had feligs.! look ot for teh popgun o.! too late.! pat trickd.! wehn teh treps are up nickellcrick tehy must float on tey backs becase no paddels but water wil leake in teh 5holes.! e.i. sinkage.! yes it hapens in cold water.! ok shuess mottoe for thus nigt expn

beer teh turtel.!

ale homerale

yes.! shuess finde if you put a turtel in a barrel of shublu it wil soon do juts whatevr shuess wants.! but bewar e teh snappr.! juts let it float for awhil e befor e you play.! an remember to dunc resposibley.!
ok go.!

14sept2oo6.!  abot 1125am.! shuss visit to teh park at marland colege.!

shules visit teh colege park mesage bord earler tody an tackd up teh turtelpome above.! but shuess promisd to let treps leav e alive to.! but tehy allgot mad at shuess anywy an call him badname.s.! remember taht in teh futur reptils donot like pomes.! so shuess visit teh park again an give tem anoter1 gos lik e this.belowe.!

teh shelltops hard to penetate
so pierc e teh underbelly.!
tehn jumpback quick an holde you nose
terps innardds are so smelley.!

tey say taht shuess is a hick
an taht he cant deny.!
tey all are tird of shuess shtick
but why shoud he replie.!

for it was tem who alwys say
go back into teh schtick.s!
when shuess do what treps say to
tehy stil dont get thier kicks.!

so do not truts a terrapun
tey mouths are alwys snappig
dont try to give tem waht tey want
tehy juts pertend tehy napping.!

a turtel is an angry beaste.!
with shell taht muts be toted.!
so pierce teh soft fleshe undraneathe.!
before it undracoated.!

ok beat marland tonigt monters.! ok let go monter.! no had feelig fridge.! juts soft.! ha. ha.!
stop teh bal

abot 1pm.!

shuess bannd.! from turtelande..! ok.! taht lats pome was teh straw tath broke teh thinskin turtels shel.! after 3yrs of polit e postig on teh treps mesage bords shuess has been bannd.! juts lik lats yer on teh gawga dwags bords.! monter oponents gettig so sensitive.! wehn tehy can no longer dish oute but onley take tak e take>! ha.! ha no had feeligs treps or fridge teh present is so harde to bear.! an shuess wrote teh harmles pome even before wvmonters will dominat e teh treps.! so sensitv.e.! ok monter let open up teh fridge.! shues s guess it was teh part abot fridg e beig soft.!  bannd.! tobad.! ok let beat teh treps tonigt shuess dos not miss teh park toomuch anywy

16sept2oo6.!  abot 12noon.!  monter.montra.!
s tay

h umbel.!

u ntil

l ast.!

e specaily

s uper

s teve.!

h ype

i s

l ame.!

b eatig

i s

l ongr

l astig.!

i ndeed.!

18sept2oo6.!  abot 145pm.!  in case you wondring.!
yes wv muts win4 onley 4more straigt
ecu missst sycaruse an ucon
to set alltime consectiv e win streak in schoole histry.!
13 in 52an53 shuess hope 14plus in o5an o6.!
at least streakk wil not be13 headig to louievil.!
ok shuess but donot put carts before horses especalley in bluegass countrey.! a littel tip from littel uncel willey shumaker.! ok let. go.!

22sept2oo6.!  abot 823am.!  2b or not 2b.! taht is teh questoin. !
yes evey monterfun wonderig if bb will retun for teh louievil game nov2.! taht rigt after haloween so shuess expet retun on big brohmstickk.! qb or not qb.! if go brian cantwell tehy juts have to play anywy.! but avast.! ye mateys shuess walkig too maney chickenplankes ahead.! or cardnal.! you canot skip holtz.! but you can skip to mylou taht his daddey.! yes popeye alwys telling shuess for maney years taht piratsk alwys meskig wit his treasurre so beware.! plus shuess locker usd to be next to davyjones who was hard to keep up with.! he alwys lookig for golde doubloones and shuess once trade him1 for a 1 lornadoone.! but avast.! shuess was trickd.! do not truts a pirat.! ok monters will bring plentey of golde.! so piratsk greedey eys wil ligt up.! but tehy juts want to burey it.! but ok.!west meets east.! again.! if monters can get w aganst ewu tehy can c there way to beatt ecu to.! ewu ecu etu brutusk it juts dos not matter.! all will fall ect.! like ceaser.! e.i. monter crowdpleaser.! ok.! in shuess minde shules gone to carolina.! shuess can feel teh sunshine an feel teh moonshyne.! but no.! do not hit shuess from behinde.! yes johnny holmes will finaly meet long john silver.! an gold wins. an cashes in all longjohns fishey chips.! an crumbs.! hush ye puppys.e.i. clam up or face teh stingig cob.! ok monters.! a jacksparrow in herbs hand is worthe 1michaelbush.! or 2reggiebush.! or 3georgewbush.! but no augie busch.! tath where shuess draw teh line.!do not fear.!montaneer whips buckaneer evey time because more buckskin.! so after wv swabs tehy deck shuess will climbe teh mast to crow from tey neste.!  hey shuess cansee beaney an cecil.! from up her e.! an skipper holtz floatig on flostam and jestam.! an theres giligan to hey littel buddey.! yes maryanne you are wecome.!but avast.! matey har.! here comes old 1eye.! e.i. captain hooke so it time to setsail.!ok let go monters.! protect teh golde an do not let theivig piratsk mesk with eveything.! tehy all com e hanging on sloopys john b an try to take an eatup all shuess corn.! let go.!


23sept2oo6.!  abot 9o7am.!  teror on teh hig h seas.!
no monterfan you canot skip holtz.! but muts play him tody.! louievil muts wait.! but donot fear.! teh jolleyroger..! shuess wilnot spoil teh ende of teh booke but p.x. ther e is a diffent flag flyig at teh ende of teh boo k.! p.x.! hint belowe.! ok let go monter.!

e.i.!rogers not jolley aneymore.! ha.! ha .!

3osept2oo6.!  abot 113pm.!  teh key to teh stompe.! litsen up pets.! ha.! ha t
no teh monters are playing by or open tody 1 or teh othr an wv wil beat eithr or bothe so shuess say pickem.! so shules is bord an go downe to teh cardnals nest e.i. tey bord to ruffel feathrs.! an beak his minde.! ha.!ha but tehy so vey senstive juts lik e teh treps.!  but especaly abot tey birdeylogo.!  but it are loggo to.! wv ownes main black bears an louivile cardnals an teh wv state seals.! arf ok louvil playig bye or open today to whichevr1 wv dos not play.! e.i. bye byebirdey.!  so pickem.! anywy shuess send littel pome in antipation of teh beakyarde brawel 2moth from mondy.! ok gos like this.!

tehy say do not step on are birdey.!
withe shoes taht have cleates an are dirtey.!
but we ll wear no shoes.!
an politeley so choos e.!
to hoedowne on youbird waht so purtey.!

yes cardal teh state bird of wv.!
are pet an are macsot so lovley.!
so we can dance lightly
an ever so rigtley
becase your are prettey red birdey.!

.p.x..see you at teh beakyarde brawel.! are monter can whippe danl boon e even if he did killabar on you tree.!

ok no ofense louvil wv juts lik e to dance.!
on you.! becase a barfoot is a happey feet.!

ende of mesage.!

o.k.! taht was juts teh messag shules sent to teh birdeynest.! but ornithals got vey vey mad.! an inslutig.! so shuess juts give 1final warning.!

o.k. shuess tying to keep in minde tey are stat e bird tryig verey harde.! tehy dont mean it.!

o5oct2oo6.!  abot 9o2am.!  yes wvgame wilbe on at teh cabin.! no charg e.! 

juts turn left wher e osag e usd to be.! tehn rigt keep goig until you see teh blinkig tar paper an shingels.! ok.! but tehn juts wach out for teh looseboard.! but shuess wil try to moderat e befor satday.!

ok shuess tird of hearig taht misiisiipi is a stat e.! so is wv.!
mabe if wv advetise as much as miisisiipi peple woud finely now it a stat e to.! ok.! wv state vx misisiipi stat e.! fair enogh.! mabe it never hur t to reminde peple. ok.! teh pome.!

hello freinds.! from teh state misiisipi
wher e teh air is so hot never nippey.!
o teh cotton is high
an teh monters muts try
not to get all so sweatey an drippey.!

yes tnahk god for teh state miisisipi.!
tey are usally rankd numbre fiftey.!
it so much more divin e.!
to be rankd forteynin e.!
an on taht you can bet you sweet bippey.!

o teh monters whip huskeys an bulldags.!
an salukeys taht dumber tahn ark hogs.!
here ugavi.! her e bulley.!
o it get wilde an wooley.!
wehn teh canin e react to teh bull flog.!

to teh ville.! via ville taht withot chill.!
yes teh road to louvil go throgh starkvill.!
but ornge huskeys await.!
an want food from are plat e.!
if tehy eat take teh last train to clarksvill e.!

so teh monters muts maintan tehy focus.!
not get caugt up in hype hocus pocuss.!
not winnig by twentey.
may dissapoint many.!
but juts win so taht no1 will croak us.!

i hear cowbels but no herd is coming.!
teh thunder muts come from steve runnig.!
wehn you play in teh southe
you muts hit in teh mouthe.!
tahts it owen that masksmash was stunnig.!

captain kirk can recheck gameday starlogs.!
little lee can scream i ll tak e teh buldogs.!
do not sweat reces peices
tehy all end up as feeces.!
juts win babey.! an shuess make eggnog.s.!


not so fats myfreinde.! remeber teh pome.!