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1891-- --2008

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Frederick Emory
(0-1)  .000
F. William "John" Rane
(4-3)  .571
Harry McCrory
(5-1)  .833
Thomas G. "Doggy" Trenchard
(3-7-2)  .292

George Krebs
(5-4-1)  .550
Harry Anderson
(6-1)  .857
Louis Yeager
(12-9)  .571
1899, 1901-1902
John E. Hill
(4-3)  .571
H. E. Trout
(7-1)  .875
Anthony Chez
(6-3)  .667
Carl Forkum
(13-6)  .684
Clarence Russell
(6-4)  .600
(17-13-3)  .561
(6-3)  .667
E. R. Sweetland
(3-4-2)  .444
Sol Metzger
(10-6-1)  .618
Mont McIntire
(24-11-4)  .667
1916-1917, 1919-1920
Clarence Spears
(30-6-3)  .808

Ira Errett Rodgers
(44-31-8)  .578

1925-1930, 1943-1945
Earle "Greasy" Neale
(12-16-3)  .435
(15-12-2)  .552
Marshall Glenn
(14-12-3)  .538
William Kern
(24-23-1)  .510
1940-42, 1946-1947
Dudley DeGroot
(13-9-1)  .587
Art Lewis
(58-38-2)  .602
Gene Corum
(29-30-2)  .492
Jim Carlen
(25-13-3)  .622
Bobby Bowden
(42-26)  .618
Frank Cignetti
(17-27)  .386
Don Nehlen
(149-93-4) .614  (39-29-1 BE)
Rich Rodriguez
(60-26) .698
 (34-15 BE)

Bill Stewart
(1-0) 1.000
 (0-0 BE)

Shuless Hilbilli

1891 (0-1) Frederick Lincoln Emory
1892 (No Football)
1893 (2-1) F. William "John" Rane
N28 0-72L Washington & Jefferson Morgantown 
  N28 17-10L WashingtonB & Jefferson Washington,_   O7 12-0W Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant, PA

N25 12-2W Uniontown Independents Uniontown, PA
N30 0-58L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA

1894  (2-2)  F. William "John" Rane

1895  (5-1)  Harry McCrory

1896  (3-7-2)  Thomas G. "Doggy" Trenchard
O20 16-0W Mount Pleasant Morgantown
O5 6-0W Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant, PA
S26 6-0W Grove City Morgantown
O27 0-36L Greensburg Athletic Association Connellsville, PA
O19 10-0W Latrobe Independents Uniontown, PA
O15 0-18L Lafayette Fairmont
N10 6-0W Bethany Morgantown
O26 8-0W W. U. P.*  (Pitt) Morgantown
O16 0-6L Lafayette Parkersburg
N17 6-16L Marietta Parkersburg
N9 6-0W Marietta Parkersburg
O17 0-34L Lafayette Wheeling

N23 0-4L Washington & Jefferson Wheeling
O24 4-0W Pittsburgh Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA

N27 28-6W Washington & Lee Charleston
N7 0-0T Duquesne Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA

N13 0-5L Latrobe Independents Latrobe, PA
N14 4-0W Latrobe Independents Pittsburgh, PA
N21 0-6L Duquesne Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA
N26 0-0T Pittsburgh Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA
N26 0-26L Mahoning Cycle Club Youngstown, OH
N30 0-6L Centre Danville, KY

1897  (5-4-1)  George R. Krebs

1898  (6-1)  Harry Anderson

1899  (2-3)  Louis Yeager
O6 6-0W Marietta Fairmont
O7 24-0W Westminster Morgantown
O11 6-0W Grove City Morgantown
O9 0-5L Pittsburgh Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA
O15 6-5W Marietta Marietta, OH
O21 0-29L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
O14 18-0W Westminster Morgantown
Pittsburgh Athletic Club Pittsburgh, PA
O23 5-23L Marietta Marietta, OH
O23 0-12L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
O29 6-0W Marietta Clarksburg
N4 17-6W Waynesburg Clarksburg
O30 0-0T Pittsburgh Collegians Pittsburgh, PA
N4 6-0W W. U. P. (Pitt) Fairmont
N30 0-20L Waynesburg Waynesburg, PA
N4 14-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
N14 6-0W Oregon State Charleston

N5 0-12L Ohio Athens, OH
N15 16-0W Ohio Parkersburg
N6 24-0W Ohio State Parkersburg
N17 30-0W Bethany Fairmont
N25 0-16L Latrobe Independents Latrobe, PA

1900  (4-3)  John E. Hill

1901  (3-2)  Louis Yeager

1902  (7-4)  Louis Yeager
O6 6-5W W. U. P. (Pitt) Morgantown
O5 0-12L W. U. P. (Pitt) Morgantown
S27 11-6W Alumni and All-Stars Morgantown
O20 24-6W Monessen Independents Morgantown
O19 37-0W Grove City Morgantown
O4 25-0W Westminster Morgantown
O27 6-19L Marietta Marietta, OH
N9 31-0W Westminster Morgantown
O11 0-30L Ohio State Columbus, OH
N3 0-27L Ohio State Columbus, OH
N13 0-22L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
O18 0-6L Alumni and All-Stars Morgantown
N5 6-5W Ohio Wesleyan Delaware, OH
N24 5-0W Marietta Morgantown
O22 23-6W W. U. P. (Pitt) Pittsburgh, PA
N10 11-6W California State California, PA
O24 12-6W Marietta Marietta, OH
N17 0-36L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA N1 0-5L Georgetown Washington, D. C. 

N15 53-0W Grove City Morgantown
N19 0-23L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
N22 17-5W Washington & Lee Charleston
N27 78-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown

1903  (7-1)  H. E. Trout

1904  (6-3)  Anthony Chez

1905  (8-1)  Carl Forkum
O3 24-6W W. U. P. (Pitt) Morgantown
S24 15-0W Westminster Morgantown
S30 15-0W Westminster Morgantown
O10 21-0W Grove City Morgantown
O1 16-0W California, Pa. Morgantown
O7 12-0W California, Pa. Morgantown
O16 18-0W Marietta Marietta, OH
O7 19-11W Ohio Wesleyan Morgantown
O14 28-0W Ohio U. Morgantown
O19 39-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Clarksburg
O15 0-34L Penn State State College, PA
O21 46-0W Bethany Morgantown
O24 21-0W Westminster Morgantown
O22 0-130L Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
N4 45-0W Kentucky Morgantown
O31 6-34L Ohio State Columbus, OH
N8 0-53L W. U. P. (Pitt) Pittsburgh, PA
N11 17-10W California, Pa. California, PA
N14 11-5W Bethany Wheeling
N15 18-0W Alumni Morgantown
N18 24-0W Bethany Wheeling
N26 6-0W Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
N19 6-5W Washington University St. Louis, MO
N25 0-6L Penn State State College, PA

N24 25-0W Marietta Marietta, OH
N30 17-6W Marietta Marietta, OH

1906  (5-5)  Cark Forkum

1907  (6-4)  Clarence Russell

1908  (5-3)  C. A. Leuder
S29 6-9L Ohio Morgantown
S28 35-5W Ohio Morgantown
S26 0-6L Penn Philadelphia, PA
O6 37-0W Connellsville Independents Morgantown
O2 55-0W Parkersburg YMCA Morgantown
O17 16-0W Carnegie Tech Pittsburgh, PA
O13 11-0W California, Pa. Morgantown
O5 36-0W California, Pa. YMCA Morgantown
O24 0-12L Penn State State College, PA
O20 2-4L Marietta Marietta, OH
O16 65-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O31 12-0W Marietta Parkersburg
O27 25-0W Grove City Morgantown
O26 2-4L Marietta Parkersburg
N7 0-11L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N3 51-0W Carnegie Tech Morgantown
N2 0-6L Navy Annapolis, MD
N14 4-0W Pittsburgh Lyceum Morgantown
N10 0-17L W. U. P. (Pitt) Pittsburgh, PA
N9 0-10L W. U. P. (Pitt) Pittsburgh, PA
N21 47-0W Bethany Morgantown
N11 54-4W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
N16 27-0W Westminster Morgantown
N28 22-0W Westminster Morgantown
N23 0-11L Penn State State College, PA
N28 5-13L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA

N29 6-29L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
N29 11-0W Alumni Morgantown

1909  (4-3-2)  C. A. Leuder

1910  (2-4-1)  C. A. Leuder

1911  (6-3)  C. A. Leuder
O2 15-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
O1 6-0W Westminster Morgantown
S30 17-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
O9 0-12L Penn Philadelphia, PA
O8 0-38L Penn Philadelphia, PA
O14 3-0W Ohio Morgantown
O16 40-5W Slippery Rock Morgantown
O15 0-0T Bethany Morgantown
O21 3-0W Westminster Morgantown
O23 6-6T Bucknell Morgantown
O22 0-9L Bucknell Morgantown
O28 17-15W Marshall Morgantown
O30 3-0W Marietta Parkersburg
O29 5-10L Marietta Parkersburg
N4 6-5W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N6 0-0T Pitt Morgantown
N5 0-38L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N11 0-32L Navy Annapolis, MD
N13 0-40L Penn State State College, PA
N12 9-0W Bethany Wheeling
N18 6-10L Allegheny Morgantown
N17 49-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown

N25 36-0W West Virginia Wesleyan; Morgantown
N25 0-18L Washington & Jefferson Morgantown

N30 3-5L Denison Fairmont

1912  (6-3) W. P. Edmunds

1913  (3-4-2)  E. R. Sweetland

1914  (5-4)  Sol Metzger
O5 14-19L West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
S27 43-0W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
O3 20-0W Marshall Morgantown
O12 7-0W Westminster Morgantown
O4 45-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
O10 13-0W Bethany Morgantown
O13 20-13W Geneva Morgantown
O11 0-40L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O17 37-0W Duquesne Morgantown
O26 6-0W Ohio Morgantown
O18 0-21L West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
O22 13-26L North Carolina A&M (State) Raleigh, NC
N2 8-7W Allegheny Morgantown
O25 0-0T Morris Harvey Morgantown
O31 0-48L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
N9 22-6W Marietta Marietta, OH
N1 14-14T Marietta Morgantown
N7 55-0W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
N16 0-41L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
N8 0-34L Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N14 6-8L Washington & Lee Charleston
N23 48-3W Waynesburg Morgantown
N15 0-28L Washington & Lee Charleston
N21 6-0W Marietta Clarsburg
N28 6-17L Denison Fairmong
N27 7-0W Villanova Morgantown
N26 9-14L West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont

1915  (5-2-1)
Sol Metzger

1916  (5-2-2) 
Mont McIntire & Elgie Tobin

1917  (6-3-1) 
Mont McIntire & Elgie Tobin
S25 0-7L Penn Philadelphia, PA
S30 0-3L Penn Philadelphia, PA
S29 9-14L Pitt Morgantown
O2 6-6T Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
O14 20-0W Virginia Tech Charleston
O6 7-0W Navy Annapolis, MD
016 33-0W Geneva Morgantown
O21 7-12L Navy Annapolis, MD
O13 21-0W Carlisle Indian School Morgantown
O23 0-1L Washington & Lee (forfeit) Charleston
O28 58-0W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
O20 2-6L Dartmouth Hanover, NH
N6 92-6W Marshall Huntington
N4 12-6W Gettysburg Morgantown
O27 60-0W Gettsburg Morgantown
N13 19-0W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N11 0-0T Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
N3 7-7T Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
N19 28-0W Marietta Parkersburg
N18 7-7T Dartmouth Hanover, NH
N10 27-3W Virginia Tech Huntington
N25 30-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
N25 40-3W Catholic University Morgantown
N17 7-0W Washington & Jefferson Fairmont

N30 54-7W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
N24 0-20L West Virginia Wesleyan Clarksburg

N29 21-0W North Carolina A & M (State) Morgantown


1919  (8-2)  Mont McIntire

1920  (5-4-1)  Mont McIntire

1921  (5-4-1)  Clarence Spears
S27 61-0W Marietta Morgantown
S25 14-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
S24 34-3W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
O4 55-0W Westminster Morgantown
O2 7-7T Lehigh Morgantown
O1 50-0W Cincinnati Morgantown
O11 0-26L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O9 13-34L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O8 13-21L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O18 27-0W Maryland Morgantown
O16 81-0W George Washington Morgantown
O15 7-0W Ohio Morgantown
O25 60-0W Bethany Wheeling
O23 0-24L Yale New Haven, CT
O22 0-0T Bucknell Morgantown
N1 25-0W Princeton Princeton, NJ
O30 3-10L Princeton Princeton, NJ
O29 12-21L Lehigh South Bethlehem, PA
N8 6-14L Centre Charleston
N6 14-10W Washington & Lee Charleston
N5 28-7W Washington & Lee Charleston
N15 30-7W Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
N13 17-0W Rutgers Morgantown
N12 7-0W Virginia Charlottesville, VA
N22 55-0W Ohio Wesleyan Morgantown
N20 20-0W Bethany Morgantown
N19 7-17L Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
N25 7-0W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N25 0-28L Washington & Jefferson Washington, PA
N24 0-13L Washington & Jefferson (HC) Morgantown

1922  (10-0-1)  Clarence Spears

1923  (7-1-1)  Clarence Spears

1924  (8-1)  Clarence Spears
S30 20-3W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
S24 21-7W West Virginia Wesleyan Fairmont
S27 21-6W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O7 55-0W Marietta Morgantown
O6 28-0W Allegheny Morgantown
O4 35-6W Allegheny Morgantown
O14 9-6W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O13 13-7W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O11 7-14L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O21 12-12T Washington & Lee Charleston
O20 81-0W Marshall Morgantown
O18 55-0W Geneva Morgantown
O28 28-0W Rutgers Morgantown
O27 13-13T Penn State New York, NY
O25 13-6W Centre New York, NY
N4 34-0W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
N6 27-27W Rutgers New York, NY
N1 71-6W Bethany Morgantown
N11 33-0W Indiana Bloomington, IN
N10 63-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
N8 34-2W Colgate Morgantown
N18 13-0W Virginia Morgantown
N17 49-0W St. Louis Morgantown
N15 6-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
N25 28-0W Ohio Morgantown
N29 2-7L Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N27 40-7W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N30 14-0W Washington & Jefferson (HC) Morgantown
D25 21-13W Gonzaga East-West Bowl
San Diego, CA

1925  (8-1)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1926  (6-4)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1927  (2-4-3) Ira Errett Rodgers
S26 18-0W Allegheny Erie, PA
S25 18-6W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
S24 27-7W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O3 6-0W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
O2 18-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O1 6-6T Washington & Lee Charleston
O10 7-15L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O9 54-0W Allegheny Morgantown
O8 0-40L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O17 54-3W Grove City Morgantown
O16 13-10W Georgetown Washington, D.C.
O15 7-7T Lafayette Morgantown
O24 16-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O23 7-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O22 0-25L Georgetown Washington, D.C.
O31 21-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O30 0-27L Missouri Morgantown
O29 7-13L Carnegie Tech Morgantown
N7 20-0W Boston College Boston, MA
N6 7-17L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N5 0-13L Missouri Columbia, MO
N14 14-0W Penn State Morgantown
N13 21-0W Centre Parkersburg
N12 15-12W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
N26 19-0W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N20 0-20L Carnegie Tech Pittsburgh, PA
N24 6-6T Washington & Jefferson Morgantown

N25 3-13L Washington & Jefferson Morgantown

1928  (8-2)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1929  (4-3-3)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1930  (5-5)  Ira Irrett Rodgers
S22 0-7L Davis & Elkins Morgantown
S21 16-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
S19 7-0W Duquesne Pittsburgh, PA
S29 12-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
S28 6-13L Davis & Elkins Morgantown
S27 26-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O6 28-7W Haskell Institute Wheeling
O5 7-7T Duquesne Morgantown
O4 0-16L Pitt Morgantown
O13 9-6W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O12 7-27L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O11 33-13W Washington & Lee Charleston
O20 22-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O19 26-6W Washington & Lee Charleston
O17 0-23L Detroit Detroit, MI
O27 17-0W Lafayette Easton, PA
O26 9-6W Oklahoma A&M (State) Stillwater, OK
O24 14-7W Georgetown Washington, D.C.
N6 18-0W Fordham New York, NY
N5 0-0T Fordham New York, NY
N1 2-18L Fordham New York, NY
N10 32-6W Oklahoma A&M (State) Morgantown
N9 0-36L Detroit Morgantown
N8 23-7W Kansas Aggies (State) Morgantown
N17 0-12L Georgetown Washington, D.C.
N16 0-0T Georgetown Washington, D.C.
N22 6-7L Washington & Jefferson (HC) Morgantown
N29 14-0W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N28 6-0W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N27 0-12L Oregon Aggies (State) Chicago, IL

1931  (4-6)  Earle "Greasy" Neale

1932  (5-5)  Earle "Greasy" Neale

1933  (3-5-3)  Earle "Greasy" Neale
S26 14-6W Duquesne Morgantown
S23 0-3L Duquesne Pittsburgh, PA
S23 0-0T Washington & Lee Charleston
O3 7-20L Fordham New York, NY
O1 0-40L Pitt Morgantown
S29 7-19L Duquesne Pittsburgh, PA
O10 0-34L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O7 13-14L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O7 0-21L Pitt Morgantown
O17 19-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O15 14-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O14 0-20L Fordham New York, NY
O24 7-9L Detroit Detroit
O21 13-26L Detroit Detroit, MI
O21 7-13L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O31 0-19L Kansas Aggies (State) Morgantown
O29 34-7W Marquette Milwaukee, WI
O28 7-7T Davis & Elkins Morgantown
N7 12-7W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
N5 19-0W Georgetown Morgantown
N4 13-13T Marquette Morgantown
N14 0-13L Georgetown Washington, D.C.
N12 19-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
N11 6-25L Wisconsin Madison, WI
N21 19-0W Penn State (HC) Morgantown
N19 25-12W Davis & Elkins Wheeling
N18 26-13W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
N28 13-14L Washington & Jefferson Wheeling
N26 0-13L Washington & Jefferson Wheeling
N25 14-12W Georgetown Washington, D.C.

N30 7-2W Washington & Jefferson (HC) Morgantown

1934  (6-4)
Charles C. "Trusty" Tallman

1935  (3-4-2)
Charles C. "Trusty" Tallman

1936  (6-4)
Charles C. "Trusty" Tallman
S22 19-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
S28 0-0T West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
S25 7-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
S28 7-0W Duquesne Pittsburgh, PA
O5 20-0W Davis & Elkins Elkins
S26 40-6W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
O6 6-27L Pitt Morgantown
O12 6-24L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O3 0-34L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O13 12-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O18 7-15L George Washington Washington, D.C.
O10 28-7W Washington & Lee Charleston
O19 13-28L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O26 6-19L Temple (HC) Morgantown
O17 15-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O27 12-7W Davis & Elkins Morgantown
N2 20-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O24 26-13W Centre Lousiville, KY
N3 7-2W Ohio Parkersburg
N16 0-19L Duquesne Morgantown
O31 33-20W Western Maryland Morgantown
N10 20-27L Fordham New York, NY
N23 51-0W Washington & Jefferson Morgantown
N7 0-28L Georgetown (HC) Morgantown
N17 7-10L George Washington Morgantown
N29 19-19T Loyola (La.) New Orleans, LA
N14 0-7L Western Reserve Cleveland, OH
N29 14-12W Washington & Jefferson Atlantic City, NJ

N26 2-7L George Washington Washington, D.C.

1937  (8-1-1) 
Marshall "Little Sleepy" Glenn

1938  (4-5-1)
Marshall "Little Sleepy" Glenn

1939  (2-6-1)
Marshall "Little Sleepy" Glenn
S25 14-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Buckhannon
S24 0-19L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S30 44-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O2 0-20L Pitt Morgantown
O1 38-6W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O7 0-20L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O9 6-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O8 6-6T Washington & Lee Charleston
O14 7-0W Cincinnati  Cincinnati, OH
O16 13-7W Xavier Cincinnati, OH
O15 0-26L Michigan State Morgantown
O21 0-9L Washington & Lee Charleston
O23 13-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
O22 20-13W Creighton Omaha, NE
O27 6-6T South Carolina Orangeburg, S.C.
O30 64-0W Western Maryland Baltimore, MD
O29 27-6W Youngstown Morgantown
N4 0-14L Georgetown Washington, D.C.
N6 6-6T Georgtown Washington, D.C.
N5 0-7L Western Reserve Cleveland, OH
N11 7-19L Manhattan (HC) Morgantown
N13 34-0W Toledo Morgantown
N12 0-14L Georgetown (HC) Morgantown
N18 6-13L Kentucky Lexington, KY
N25 26-0W George Washington (HC) Morgantown
N19 0-13L Manhattan New York, NY
D2 0-13L George Washington Morgantown
7-6W Texas Tech Sun Bowl
El Paso, TX

N24 7-6W George Washington Washington, D.C.

1940  (4-4-1)  William F. "Bill" Kern

1941  (4-6)  William F. "Bill" Kern

1942  (5-4)  William F. "Bill" Kern
S28 47-0W Westminster Morgantown
S27 13-7W Waynesburg Morgantown
S26 21-7W Washington & Lee Charleston
O5 7-20L Fordham New York, NY
O4 0-40L Navy Annapolis, MD
O3 0-33L Boston College Boston, MA
O12 13-17L Penn State State College, PA
O11 20-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O10 13-0W South Carolina Morgantown
O19 32-0W West Virginia Wesleyan Morgantown
O18 0-27L Fordham New York, NY
O17 14-23L Fordham New York, NY
O25 0-19L George Washington Washington, D.C.
O25 6-18L Kentucky Lexington, KY
O24 27-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
N2 12-7W Washington & Lee Charleston
N1 7-6W Washington & Lee Charleston
O31 24-0W Penn State (HC) Morgantown
N9 7-7T Cincinnati Morgantown
N8 21-0W Kansas (HC) Morgantown
N14 7-0W Kentucky Lexington, KY
N16 9-7W Kentucky (HC) Morgantown
N15 0-7L Penn State State College, PA
N21 0-7L Michigan State East Lansing, MI
N23 0-17L Michigan State East Lansing, MI
N22 6-7L Army West Point, NY
N28 13-21L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL

N29 12-14L Michigan State Morgantown

1943  (4-3)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1944  (5-3-1)  Ira Errett Rodgers

1945  (2-6-1)  Ira Errett Rodgers
O2 0-6L Virginia Charleston
S23 13-26L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S22 42-7W Otterbein Charlottesville, VA
O9 0-20L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S30 32-7W Case Morgantown
S29 0-20L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O16 6-2W Maryland Morgantown
O7 6-24L Virginia Charleston
O6 42-0W Drexel Morgantown
O23 32-0W Carnegie Tech (HC) Morgantown
O14 6-6T Maryland College Park, MD
O12 0-12L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O30 7-32L Penn State State College, PA
O21 20-0W Bethany Morgantown
O19 12-28L Temple Philadelphia, PA
N6 53-6W Lehigh Bethlehem, PA
O28 28-27W Penn State State College PA
O27 13-13T Maryland Morgantown
N13 26-13W Bethany Morgantown
N4 6-0W Temple (HC) Morgantown
N3 7-13L Virginia Charleston

N11 71-0W Lehigh Morgantown
N10 6-19L Kentucky (HC) Morgantown

N18 9-40L Kentucky Lexington, KY
N17 0-14L Ohio Morgantown

1946  (5-5)  William F. "Bill" Kern
1947 (6-4)  William F. "Bill" Kern
1948  (9-3)  Dudley S. DeGroot
S21 13-7W Otterbein Morgantown
S27 59-0W Otterbein Morgantown
S19 29-16W Waynesburg Morgantown
S28 7-33L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O4 35-6W Washington & Lee Charleston
S25 34-6W Wooster Morgantown
O5 42-0W Waynesburg Morgantown
O11 60-7W Waynesburg Morgantown
O2 27-7W Temple Hershey, PA
O12 6-0W Washington & Lee Charleston
O18 40-0W New York University New York, NY
O9 6-16L PItt PIttsburgh, PA
O18 0-6L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O25 14-21L Penn State State College, PA
O16 7-37L Penn State State College, PA
O26 13-0W Syracuse (HC) Morgantown
N1 0-27L Maryland College Park, MD
O23 14-7W Washington & Lee Charleston
N2 0-19L Army West Point
N8 6-15L Kentucky Morgantown
O30 35-12W South Carolina (HC) Morgantown
N9 39-0W Fordham Morgantown
N15 0-6L Virginia (HC) Morgantown
N6 48-6W Ohio Morgantown
N16 0-13L Kentucky Lexington, KY
N22 21-0W Temple Morgantown
N13 0-7L Virginia Charlottesville, VA
N23 0-21L Virginia Charlottesville, VA
N29 17-2W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N20 20-0W Western Reserve Morgantown

N27 16-14W Maryland Morgantown
21-12W Texas Western Sun Bowl
El Paso, TX

1949  (4-6-1)
Dudley S. DeGroot

1950  (2-8/1-3 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1951  (5-5/2-3 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis
S17 42-7W Waynesburg Morgantown
S23 38-13W Western Reserve Morgantown
S22 20-9W Waynesburg Morgantown
S24 7-17L Ohio Athens, OH
S30 7-26L Washington & Lee Lynchburg, VA
S28 18-7W Furman Greenville, SC
O1 28-20W Washington & Lee Charleston
O6 14-21L George Washington Washington, D.C.
O6 0-34L Washington & Lee Morgantown
O8 7-20L Pitt Morgantown
O14 46-7W Richmond Morgantown
O13 24-0W Richmond Morgantown
O14 20-52L Boston University Boston, MA
O21 23-27L Fordham Morgantown
O20 89-0W Geneva Morgantown
O22 47-26W Quantico Marines Morgantown
O28 21-28L Virginia (HC) Morgantown
O27 7-13L Penn State State College, PA
O29 14-19L Virginia Charlottesville, VA
N4 7-21L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N3 35-7W Western Reserve Morgantown
N5 14-34L Penn State (HC) Morgantown
N11 0-27L Penn State State College, PA
N10 13-34L South Carolina (HC) Morgantown
N12 13-13T Texas Western Morgantown
N18 0-41L Maryland Morgantown
N17 12-32L Pitt Pittsburgh
N19 28-20W Western Reserve Cleveland, OH
N25 7-48L Texas Western El Paso, TX
N24 7-54L Maryland College Park, MD
N24 7-47L Maryland College Park, MD

1952  (7-2/5-1 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1953  (8-2/4-0 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1954  (8-1/3-1 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis
S27 14-22L Furman Morgantown
S26 17-7W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O2 26-6W South Carolina Columbia, SC
O4 49-12W Waynesburg Morgantown
O3 47-19W Waynesburg Morgantown
O9 13-7W George Washington (HC) Morgantown
O11 21-35L Penn State Morgantown
O10 40-14W Washington & Lee Morgantown
O16 19-14W Penn State State College, PA
O18 31-13W Washington & Lee Cumberland, MD
O16 27-6W George Washington Washington, D. C.
O23 40-6W Virginia Military Bluefield
O25 16-0W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O24 52-20W Virginia Military (HC) Morgantown
O30 10-13L Pitt Morgantown
N1 24-0W George Washington (HC) Morgantown
O31 20-19W Penn State State College, PA
N6 39-9W Fordham Morgantown
N8 39-21W Virginia Military Roanoke, VA
N7 12-7W Virginia Tech Bluefield
N13 20-6W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
N15 27-7W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N14 14-20L South Carolina Morgantown
N20 28-3W North Carolina State Morgantown
N22 13-6W South Carolina Columbia, SC
N21 61-0W North Carolina State Raleigh, NC
N27 14-10W Virginia Charlottesville, VA

19-42L Georgia Tech Sugar Bowl
New Orleans, LA

1955  (8-2/4-0 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1956  (6-4/5-0 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1957  (7-2-1/3-0 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis
S24 33-12W Richmond Morgantown
S22 13-14L Pitt Morgantown
S21 6-6T Virginia Morgantown
O1 46-0W Wake Forest Morgantown
S29 30-6W Richmond Morgantown
S28 14-0W Virginia Tech Morgantown
O8 47-12W Virginia Military Bluefield
O6 7-6W Texas Austin, TX
O5 13-45L Wisconsin Madison, WI
O15 39-13W William & Mary (HC) Morgantown
O13 20-27L Syracuse, NY Syracuse, NY
O12 46-6W Boston University Boston, MA
O22 21-7W Penn State Morgantown
O20 20-13W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
O18 34-14W George Washington Washington, D. C.
O29 39-0W Marquette Milwaukee, WI
O27 6-16L Penn State University Park, PA
O26 19-0W William & Mary Morgantown
N4 13-7W George Washington Washington, D. C.
N3 14-0W George Washington Morgantown
N2 6-27L Penn State University Park, PA
N12 7-26L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N10 13-6W Virginia Military Morgantown
N9 7-6W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N19 13-20L Syracuse Morgantown
N17 7-0W Furman (HC) Morgantown
N16 27-14W Wake Forest Winston-Salem, NC
N25 27-7W North Carolina State Raleigh, NC
N23 0-18L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
N23 7-0W Syracuse (HC) Morgantown

1958  (4-5-1/4-0 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1959 (3-7/2-2 Southern)
Art "Pappy" Lewis

1960  (0-8-2/0-2-1 Southern)
Gene Corum
S20 66-22W Richmond Morgantown
S19 7-27L Maryland College Park, MD
S17 8-31L Maryland Morgantown
S27 14-47L Oklahoma Norman, OK
S26 10-7W Richmond Morgantown
S24 0-15L Virginia Tech Richmond, VA
O4 12-13L Indiana Bloomington, IN
O2 10-8W George Washington Washington, D. C.
O1 0-33L Illinois Champaign, IL
O11 30-36L Boston University Morgantown
O9 0-7L Boston University Boston, MA
O8 6-6T Richmond Morgantown
O18 8-15L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O17 23-15W Pitt (HC) Morgantown
O15 0-42L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O25 21-20W Virginia Tech Richmond, VA
O24 0-44L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O22 0-45L Syracuse (HC) Morgantown
N1 35-12W George Washington Morgantown
O31 10-28L Penn State Morgantown
O29 13-34L Penn State University Park, PA
N8 14-14T Penn State (HC)) Morgantown
N7 0-36L Southern California Los Angeles, CA
N5 7-7T Boston University Morgantown
N15 56-6W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
N14 0-12L Virginia Tech Morgantown
N12 6-20L Oregon Portland, OR
N22 12-15L Syracuse Morgantown
N21 14-20L The Citadel Morgantown
N19 0-26L George Washington Morgantown

1961  (4-6/2-1 Southern)
Gene Corum

1962  (8-2/4-0 Southern)
Gene Corum

1963  (4/6/3-1 Southern)
Gene Corum
S16 26-35L Richmond Morgantown
S22 26-0W Vanderbilt Morgantown
S21 7-51L Navy Morgantown
S23 6-16L Vanderbilt Nashville, TN
S29 14-0W Virginia Tech Richmond, VA
S28 34-0W Boston University Boston, MA
S30 14-29L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O6 7-0W Boston University Morgantown
O5 0-35L Oregon Morgantown
O7 28-0W Virginia Tech Morgantown
O13 15-8W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O12 20-16W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
O14 20-6W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O20 27-25W George Washington (HC) Morgantown
O19 10-13L Pitt (HC) Morgantown
O21 6-12L Boston University Boston, MA
O27 22-51L Oregon State Portland, OR
O26 9-20L Penn State University Park, PA
O28 7-3W Army West Point, NY
N3 28-13W William & Mary Morgantown
N2 20-16W George Washington Washington, D. C.
N4 12-7W George Washington Washington, D. C.
N10 6-34L Penn State University Park, PA
N9 13-15L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N11 6-20L Penn State (HC) Morgantown
N17 49-0W The Citadel Morgantown
N16 3-28L Virginia Tech Morgantown
N180 9-17L Indiana Morgantown
N24 17-6W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N28 38-7W Furman Morgantown

1964  (7-4/5-0 Southern)
Gene Corum

1965  (6-4/4-0 Southern)
Gene Corum

1966  (3-5-2/3-1-1 Southern)
Jim Carlen
S19 20-10W Richmond Richmond, VA
S19 56-0W Richmond Morgantown
S17 15-34L Duke Durham, NC
S26 7-3W The Citadel Morgantown
S25 34-14W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
S24 24-13W William & Mary Morgantown
O3 0-24L Rice Houston, TX
O2 63-48W Pitt Morgantown
O1 13-13T Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O10 0-14L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O9 25-2W The Citadel Charleston, SC
O8 14-17L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O17 23-10W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O16 0-41L Virginia Richmond, VA
O15 9-28L Maryland College Park, MD
O24 8-37L Penn State (HC) Morgantown
O23 6-44L Penn State University Park, PA
O22 6-38L Penn State Morgantown
O31 26-21W Kentucky Morgantown
O30 8-28L Kentucky Lexington, KY
O29 14-14T Kentucky (HC) Morgantown
N7 20-19W George Washington Washington, D. C.
N6 31-22W Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
N5 35-0W The Citadel Morgantown
N14 24-14W William & Mary Morgantown
N13 19-41L Syracuse Morgantown
N12 21-6W George Washington Washington, D. C.
N21 28-27W Syracuse Morgantown
N20 37-24W George Washington Morgantown
N19 7-34L Syracuse Morgantown
D19 6-32L Utah Liberty Bowl
Atlantic City, NJ

1967  (5-4-1/4-0-1 Southern)
 Jim Carlen

1968  (7-3)
Jim Carlen

1969  (10-1)
Jim Carlen
S9 40-0W Villanova Morgantown
S21 17-0W Richmond Morgantown
S13 57-11W Cincinnati Morgantown
S16 27-6W Richmond Richmond, VA
S28 38-15W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S20 31-7W Maryland Morgantown
S23 21-9W Virginia Military Morgantown
O5 20-31L Penn State Morgantown
S27 35-17W Tulane New Orleans, LA
S30 6-23L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O11 14-7W Virginia Military Roanoke, VA
O4 32-0W Virginia Military Morgantown
O7 15-0W Pitt Morgantown
O19 20-0W William & Mary Richmond, VA
O11 0-20L Penn State University Park, PA
O21 14-21L Penn State Universtiy Park, PA
O26 12-27L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O25 49-18W Pitt (HC) Morgantown
O28 7-20L Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
N2 16-35L Kentucky (HC) Morgantown
N1 7-6W Kentucky Lexington, KY
N4 7-22L Kentucky Lexington, KY
N9 17-0W The Citadel Charleston, SC
N8 31-0W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
N11 16-16T William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
N16 30-20W Villanova Morgantown
N15 33-21W Richmond Morgantown
N18 35-0W Davidson Morgantown
N23 23-6W Syracuse Morgantown
N22 13-10W Syracuse Syracuse, NY

D30 14-3W South Carolina Peach Bowl
Atlanta, GA

1970  (8-3)  Bobby Bowden

1971  (7-4)  Bobby Bowden

1972  (8-4)  Bobby Bowden
S12 43-7W William & Mary Morgantown
S11 45-14W Boston College Morgantown
S9 25-6W Villanova Morgantown
S19 49-10W Richmond Morgantown
S18 10-20L California Berkeley, CA
S16 28-7W Richmond Morgantown
S26 47-10W Virginia Military Morgantown
S25 16-3W Richmond Richmond, VA
S23 48-10W Virginia  Charlottesville, VA
O3 16-10W Indiana Bloomington, IN
O2 20-9W Pitt (HC) Morgantown
S30 35-41L Stanford Palo Alto, CA
O10 13-21L Duke (HC) Morgantown
O9 28-23W William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
O7 49-34W William & Mary (HC) Morgantown
O17 35-36L Pitt Pittsburgn, PA
O16 44-21W East Carolina Morgantown
O14 36-39L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O24 24-21W Colorado State Morgantown
O23 43-33W Temple Morgantown
O21 31-19W Tulane Morgantown
O31 8-42L Penn State University Park, PA
O30 7-35L Penn State Morgantown
O28 19-28L Penn State Morgantown
N7 28-14W East Carolina Greenville, NC
N6 15-31L Duke Durham, NC
N4 38-20W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N14 28-19W Syracuse Morgantown
N13 28-3W Virginia Military Morgantown
N11 50-24W Virginia Military Morgantown
N28 20-10W Maryland College Park, MD
N20 24-28L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N18 43-12W Syracuse Morgantown

D29 13-49L North Carolina State Peach Bowl
Atlanta GA

1973  (6-5)  Bobby Bowden

1974  (4-7)  Bobby Bowden

1975  (9-3)  Bobby Bowden
S15 20-13W Maryland College Park, MD
S14 25-29L Richmond Morgantown
S13 50-7W Temple Morgantown
S22 24-10W Virginia Tech Morgantown
S21 16-6W Kentucky Morgantown
S20 28-10W California Berkeley, CA
S29 17-10W Illinois Champaign, IL
S28 14-17L Tulane New Orleans, LA
S27 35-18W Boston College Morgantown
O6 14-28L Indiana (HC) Morgantown
O5 24-0W Indiana Bloomington, IN
O4 28-25W Southern Methodist Dallas, TX
O13 7-35L Pitt Morgantown
O12 14-31L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O11 0-39L Penn State University Park, PA
O20 17-38L Richmond Richmond, VA
O19 20-21L Miami, Fla. (HC) Morgantown
O18 14-16L Tulane (HC) Morgantown
O27 14-62L Penn State University Park, PA
O26 12-21L Penn State Morgantown
O25 10-7W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N2 20-14W Miami, Fla. Miami, Fla.
N2 3-35L Boston College Boston, MA
N1 38-13W Kent State Morgantown
N10 13-25L Boston College Morgantown
N9 39-11W Syracuse Morgantown
N8 17-14W Pitt Morgantown
N17 42-17W Virginia Morgantown
N16 21-35L Temple Morgantown
N15 31-13W Richmond Richmond, VA
N24 24-14W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N23 22-21W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
N22 19-20L Syracuse Syracuse, NY

D31 13-10W North Carolina State Peach Bowl
Atlanta GA

1976  (5-6) Frank Cignetti

1977  (5-6)  Frank Cignetti

1978  (2-9)  Frank Cignetti
S11 28-7W Villanova Morgantown
S10 36-0W Richmond Morgantown
S9 14-12W Richmond Morgantown
S18 3-24L Maryland Morgantown
S17 24-16W Maryland College Park, MD
S16 10-52L Oklahoma Norman, OK
S25 10-14L Kentucky Lexington, KY
S24 13-28L Kentucky Lexington, KY
S23 15-29L North Carolina State Raleigh, NC
O2 9-6W Richmond Morgantown
O1 13-0W Virginia Charlottesville, VA
S30 21-28L California Morgantown
O9 42-0W Temple Philadelphia, PA
O8 38-16W Temple Morgantown
O7 15-31L Syracuse (HC) Morgantown
O16 3-14L Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
O15 24-28L Boston College (HC) Morgantown
O14 3-16L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O23 0-33L Penn State (HC) Morgantown
O22 28-49L Penn State University Park, PA
O21 27-28L Temple Philadelphia, PA
O30 7-24L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O29 36-41L Villanova Morgantown
O28 21-49L Penn State Morgantown
N6 32-28W Tulane New Orleans, LA
N5 3-44L Pitt Morgantown
N4 20-17W Virginia Morgantown
N13 16-24L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N12 20-14W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N11 7-52L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N20 34-28W Syracuse Morgantown
N19 9-28L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N18 14-50L Colorado State Fort Collins, CO

1979  (5-6)  Frank Cignetti

1980  (6-6) Don Nehlen

1981  (9-3)  Don Nehlen
S8 16-38L Temple Morgantown
S6 41-27W Cincinnati Morgantown
S12 32-18W Virginia Charlottesville, VA
S15 14-24L Syracuse East Rutherford, NJ
S13 52-24W Colorado State Fort Collins, CO
S19 17-13W Maryland College Park, MD
S22 14-38L North Carolina State Morgantown
S20 11-14L Maryland Morgantown
S26 49-3W Colorado State Morgantown
S29 20-18W Richmond Richmond, VA
O7 31-28W Richmond Morgantown
O3 38-10W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
O6 10-6W Kentucky (HC) Morgantown
O4 45-21W Virginia (HC) Morgantown
O10 0-17L Pitt Morgantown
O13 20-18W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
O11 13-16L Hawaii Honolulu, HI
O17 27-6W Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O20 27-17W Tulane Morgantown
O18 14-42L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O24 7-30L Penn State University Park, PA
O27 6-31L Penn State University Park, PA
O25 15-20L Penn State Morgantown
O31 20-3W East Carolina Morgantown
N3 34-23W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N1 11-34L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
N7 24-19W Temple Morgantown
N10 17-24L Pitt Morgantown
N8 41-28W Temple Philadelphia, PA
N14 20-3W Rutgers Morgantown
N17 7-42L Arizona State Tempe, AZ
N15 24-15W Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
N21 24-27L Syracuse Syracuse, NY

N22 7-20L Syracuse Morgantown
D31 26-6W Florida Peach Bowl
Atlanta GA

1982  (9-3)  Don Nehlen

1983  (9-3)  Don Nehlen

1984  (8-4)  Don Nehlen
S11 41-27W Oklahoma Norman, OK
S3 55-3W Ohio Morgantown
S1 38-0W Ohio Morgantown
S18 19-18W Maryland Morgantown
S10 48-7W Pacific Morgantown
S8 30-6W Louisville Morgantown
S25 43-10W Richmond Morgantown
S17 31-21W Maryland College Park, MD
S15 14-7W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O2 13-16L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S24 27-17W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
S22 17-20L Maryland Morgantown
O9 20-13W Boston College (HC) Morgantown
O1 24-21W Pitt Morgantown
S29 28-10W Pitt PIttsburgh, PA
O16 16-6W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O15 13-0W Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O13 20-10W Syracuse Morgantown
O23 0-24L Penn State Morgantown
O22 23-41L Penn State Universtiy Park, PA
O20 21-20W Boston College (HC) Morgantown
O30 30-3W East Carolina Morgantown
O29 3-20L Miami, Fla. Coral Gables, FL
O27 17-14W Penn State Morgantown
N6 20-17W Temple Philadelphia, PA
N5 27-9W Temple Morgantown
N3 7-27L Virginia Morgantown
N11 44-17W Rutgers East Rutherford, NJ
N12 35-7W Rutgers Morgantown
N10 19-23L Rutgers East Rutherford, NJ
N20 26-0W Syracuse Morgantown
N19 16-27L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N17 17-19L Temple Philadelphia, PA
D30 12-31L Florida State Gator Bowl Jacksonville, FL
D23 20-16W Kentucky Hall of Fame Bowl
Birmingham AL

D31 31-14W Texas Christian Bluebonnet Bowl
Houston, TX

1985  (7-3-1)  Don Nehlen
1986  (4-7)  Don Nehlen
1987  (6-6)  Don Nehlen
S7 52-13W Louisville Morgantown
S6 47-14W Northern Illinois Morgantown
S5 23-3W Ohio Morgantown
S14 20-18W Duke Morgantown
S13 24-21W East Carolina Greenville, NC
S12 3-24L Ohio State Columbus, OH
S21 0-28L Maryland College Park, MD
S20 3-24L Maryland Morgantown
S19 20-25L Maryland College Park, MD
S28 10-10T Pitt Morgantown
S27 16-48L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S26 3-6L Pitt Morgantown
O5 24-9W Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O4 7-13L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O3 49-0W East Carolina Morgantown
O19 13-6W Boston College Greenville, NC
O11 14-58L Miami, Fla. (HC) Morgantown
O17 45-17W Cincinnati (HC) Morgantown
O26 0-27L Penn State University Park, PA
O25 10-19L Boston College Morgantown
O24 37-16W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
N2 7-27L Virginia Charlottesville, VA
N1 0-19L Penn State Morgantown
O31 21-25L Penn State University Park, PA
N9 27-0W Rutgers Morgantown
N8 24-17W Rutgers East Rutherford, NJ
N7 28-16W Virginia Tech Morgantown
N16 23-10W Temple Morgantown
N15 42-19W Louisville Louisville, KY
N14 37-13W Rutgers Morgantown
N30 13-10W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N22 23-34L Syracuse Morgantown
N21 31-32L Syracuse Syracuse, NY

D25 33-35L Oklahoma State Sun Bowl
El Paso, TX

1988  (11-1)  Don Nehlen

1989  (8-3-1)  Don Nehlen

1990  (4-7)  Don Nehlen
S3 62-14W Bowling Green Morgantown
S2 35-10W Ball State Morgantown
S1 35-24W Kent State Morgantown
S10 45-10W Cal State Fullerton Morgantown
S9 14-10W Maryland College Park, MD
S8 10-14L Maryland Morgantown
S17 55-24W Maryland Morgantown
S16 45-21W South Carolina Morgantown
S22 7-9L Louisville Morgantown
S24 31-10W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S23 30-21W Louisville Louisville, KY
S29 38-24W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O1 22-10W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
S30 31-31T Pitt Morgantown
O6 21-26L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O8 30-10W East Carolina Greenville, NC
O7 10-12L Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O13 28-20W Cincinnati (HC) Morgantown
O22 59-19W Boston College (HC) Morgantown
O21 69-3W Cincinnati Morgantown
O27 14-27L Boston College Morgantown
O29 51-30W Penn State Morgantown
O28 44-30W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
N3 19-31L Penn State Morgantown
N5 51-13W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
N4 9-19L Penn State University Park, PA
N10 28-3W Rutgers East Rutherford, NJ
N12 35-25W Rutgers East Rutherford, NJ
N11 21-20W Rutgers Morgantown
N17 7-31L Syracuse Morgantown
N19 31-9W Syracuse Morgantown
N24 24-17W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N23 10-29L South Carolina Columbia, SC
21-34L Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl Tempe, AZ
D30 7-27L Clemson Gator Bowl
Jacksonville, FL

1991  (6-5/3-4 BE)
Don Nehlen

1992  (5-4-2/2-3-1 BE)
Don Nehlen

1993  (11-1/7-0 BE)
Don Nehlen
A31 3-34L Pitt Morgantown
S5 29-29T Miami, O. Morgantown
S4 48-6W Eastern Michigan Morgantown
S7 24-17W Bowling Green Morgantown
S12 44-6W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S18 42-37W Maryland College Park, MD
S14 21-16W South Carolina Morgantown
S19 34-33W Maryland Morgantown
S25 35-3W Missouri Morgantown
S21 37-7W Maryland College Park, MD
S26 16-7W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O2 14-13W Virginia Tech Morgantown
O5 14-20L Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O3 24-24T Boston College (HC) Morgantown
O9 36-34W Louisville (HC) Morgantown
O12 10-9W Temple Morgantown
O17 17-20L Syracuse Morgantown
O23 42-21W Pitt Morgantown
O19 31-24W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
O24 26-40L Penn State Morgantown
O30 43-0W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O26 6-51L Penn State University Park, PA
O31 23-35L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
N6 58-22W Rutgers Morgantown
N2 28-3W Rutgers Morgantown
N7 41-28W East Carolina Morgantown
N13 49-7W Temple Philadelphia, PA
N9 3-27L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
N14 9-13L Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
N20 17-14W Miami, Fla. Morgantown
N23 10-16L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N21 23-3W Louisiana Tech Morgantown
N26 17-14W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA

7-41 Florida Sugar Bowl
New Orleans, LA

1994  (7-6/4-3 BE)
Don Nehlen

1995  (5-6/4-3 BE)
Don Nehlen

1996  (8-4/4-3 BE)
Don Nehlen
A28 0-31L Nebraska Kickoff Classic
East Rutherford, NJ

S2 24-26L Purdue Morgantown
A31 34-0W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
S3 16-14W Ball State Morgantown
S9 24-13W Temple Morgantown
S7 34-9W Western Michigan Morgantown
S10 12-17L Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
S16 17-31L Maryland College Park, MD
S14 10-9W East Carolina Morgantown
S17 13-24L Maryland Morgantown
S23 45-6W Kent Morgantown
S21 20-6W Purdue West Lafayette, IN
S22 6-34L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
S30 20-23L East Carolina Greenville, NC
S28 13-0W Maryland Morgantown
O1 34-10W Missouri Columbia, MO
O14 31-19W Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
O5 34-17W Boston College Morgantown
O15 47-41W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
O21 0-22L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O19 30-10W Temple Philadelphia, PA
O22 6-38L Miami, Fla. Morgantown
O28 0-27L Virginia Tech (HC) Morgantown
O26 7-10L Miami, Fla. Morgantown
O29 52-16W Louisiana Tech (HC) Morgantown
N4 59-26W Rutgers Morgantown
N2 7-30L Syracuse Morgantown
N12 55-17W Temple Philadelphia, PA
N18 12-17L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
N9 55-14W Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
N19 21-20W Boston College Morgantown
N24 21-0W Pitt Morgantown
N23 14-31L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
N24 13-0W Syracuse Morgantown
13-20L North Carolina Gator Bowl
Jacksonville, FL
21-24L South Carolina Carquest Bowl
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1997  (7-5/4-3 BE)
Don Nehlen

1998  (8-4/5-2 BE)
Don Nehlen

1999  (4-7/3-4 BE)
Don Nehlen
A30 42-31W Marshall Morgantown
S5 17-34L Ohio State Morgantown
S4 23-30L East Carolina Charlotte, NC
S6 27-14W East Carolina Morgantown
S19 42-20W Maryland Morgantown
S11 43-27W Miami, O. Morgantown
S13 24-31L Boston College Boston MA
S26 44-21W Tulsa Morgantown
S18 0-33L Maryland College Park, MD
S27 28-17W Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
O3 45-24W Navy Annapolis, MD
S25 7-30L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
O4 48-0W Rutgers Morgantown
O10 37-7W Temple Philadelphia, PA
O2 28-31L Navy Morgantown
O11 31-14W Maryland College Park MD
O24 31-34L Miami, Fla. Morgantown
O16 62-16W Rutgers Morgantown
O25 30-17W Virginia Tech Morgantown
O31 13-27L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O23 20-17W Temple Morgantown
N1 10-40L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N7 35-28W Syracuse Morgantown
O30 20-28L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
N15 41-21W Temple Morgantown
N14 28-14W Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
N6 20-22L Virginia Tech Morgantown
N22 14-21L Notre Dame South Bend, IN
N21 35-10W Boston College Morgantown
N13 17-34L Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
N28 38-41L Pitt   (3 0T)
N27 52-14W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N27 52-21W Pitt Morgantown
D29 30-35L Georgia Tech Carquest Bowl Ft. Lauderdale, FL
D26 31-34L Missouri Bowl
Tucson, AZ

2000  (7-5/3-4 BE)
Don Nehlen

2001  (3-8/1-6 BE)
Rich Rodriguez

2002  (9-4/6-1 BE)
Rich Rodriguez
S2 34-14W Boston College Morgantown
S1 10-34L Boston College Chestnut HIll, MA
A31 56-7W U. Tennesse-
S13 30-17W Maryland Morgantown
S8 20-3W Ohio Morgantown
S7 17-34L Wisconsin Madison, WI
S23 10-47L Miami, Fla. Morgantown
S22 34-14W Kent State
S14 35-32W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
S28 29-24W Temple Philadelphia, PA
S29 20-32L Maryland College Park, MD
S28 37-17W East Carolina
O7 20-48L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O6 0-35L Virginia Tech Morgantown
O5 17-48L Maryland Morgantown
O12 2816W Idaho Morgantown
O13 24-34L Notre Dame South Bend, IN
O12 40-0W Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
O21 28-42L Notre Dame Morgantown
O25 3-45 Miami,Fla. Miami, FL
O19 34-7W Syracuse Morgantown
N4 27-31L Syracuse Morgantown
N3 80-7W Rutgers Morgantown
O26 23-40L Miami, Fla. Morgantown
N11 31-24W Rutgers  (2 0T)
PIscataway, NJ
N10 13-24L Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N2 46-20W Temple Philadelphia, PA
N18 42-24W East Carolina Morgantown
N17 14-17L Temple Morgantown
N9 24-14W Boston College Morgantown
N23 28-38L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N24 17-23L Pitt Morgantown
N20 21-18W Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA
D28 49-38 Mississippi Music City Bowl Nashville, TN

N30 24-17W Pitt Pittsburgh, PA

D28 22-48L Virginia Continental Tire Bowl,
Charlotte, NC

2003  (8-5/6-1 BE)
Rich Rodriguez

2004  (8-4/4-2 BE)
Rich Rodriguez

2005  (11-1/7-0 BE)
Rich Rodriguez
A30 17-24L Wisconsin Morgantown
S4 56-23W East Carolina Morgantown
S4 15-7W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
S6 48-7W East Carolina Greenville, NC
S11 45-20W Central Florida Orlando, FL
S10 35-7W Wofford Morgantown
S13 13-15L Cincinnati Morgantown
S18 19-16W Maryland (OT) Morgantown
S17 31-19W Maryland College Park, MD
S20 7-34L Maryland College Park, MD
S25 45-10W James Madison Morgantown

S24 20-15W East Carolina Morgantown
O2 20-22L Miami, Fla. Miami, FL
O2 13-19L Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O1 17-34L Virginia Tech Morgantown
O11 34-19W Rutgers Morgantown
O13 31-19W
Connecticut E. Hartford, CT
27-14W Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
O22 28-7W Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
O21 27-6W Syracuse Morgantown
O15 46-44W
Louisville (3OT) Morgantown
N1 38-16W Central Florida Morgantown
O30 35-30W Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
N2 45-13W Connecticut
N8 35-28W Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA

N6 42-21W Temple Morgantown
N9 38-0W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
N15 52-31W Pitt Morgantown
N13 17-36L Boston College Morgantown
N24 45-13W Pitt Morgantown
N22 34-23W Syracuse Syracuse, NY
N25 13-16L Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
D3 28-13W South Florida Tampa, FL
N29 45-28W Temple  Morgantown
JAN1 2005
Florida State
Toyota Gator Bowl, Jacksonvill, FL

38-35W Georgia
Sugar Bowl, Atlanta, GA
7-41L Maryland Toyota Gator Bowl, Jacksonville,  FL

2006  (11-2/5-2 BE)
Rich Rodriguez

2007  11-2/5-2 BE)
Rich Rodriguez (10-2, 5-2) / Bill Stewart (1-0, 0-0)

2008  (0-0/0-0 BE)
Bill Stewart
S2 42-10W Marshall
S1 62-24W Western Michigan
A30 0-0 Villanova Morgantown
S9 52-3W Eastern Washington  Morgantown
S8 48-23W Marshall Huntington, WV

S6 0-0 East Carolina
Greenville, NC
S14 45-24W Maryland
31-14W Maryland College Park, MD

S11 18
0-0 Colorado Boulder, CO
S23 27-10W East Carolina
Greenville, NC

S22 48-7W East Carolina Morgantown
S27 0-0 Marshall Morgantown
O7 42-14W Mississippi State
Starkville, MS
S28 13-21L
South Florida Tampa, FL
O23 0-0 Auburn Morgantown
O14 41-17W Syracuse
O6 55-14W
Syracuse, NY
TBA 0-0 Rutgers Morgantown
O20 37-11W Connecticut E. Hartford, CN

O20 38-13W Mississippi State
TBA 0-0 Louisville Louisville, KY
N2 34-44L Louisville Louisville, KY

O27 31-3W Rutgers
Piscataway, NJ
TBA 0-0 Connecticut
E. Hartford, CN
N11 42-24W Cincinnati Morgantown
N8  38-31W Louisville Morgantown
TBA 0-0 Cincinnati Morgantown
N16 45-27W Pitt  Pittsburgh, PA
N17  28-23W Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

TBA 0-0 Pitt Pittsburgh, PA
N25 19-24L South Florida Morgantown
 66-21W Connecticut Morgantown

TBA 0-0 South Florida Morgantown
D2 41-39W Rutgers (3 OT)
9-13L Pitt Morgantown
TBA 0-0 Syracuse Morgantown
38-35W Georgia Tech Toyota Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, FL

JAN2 2008 48-28W Oklahoma
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Glendale AZ